You’d think the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance would be non-functional after being cooked in a microwave or taken to war, but these systems still work just fine. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Bombed Gulf War Game Boy

Yes, the above pictured Game Boy was damaged in the Gulf War, but is still fully-functional, as you’ll see in the video. We’re not quite sure if any components have been replaced to get this console working, but it’s definitely a great conversation piece nonetheless.

Microwaved Game Boy Advance

You’d think that microwaving a Game Boy Advance for the sake of experimentation would destroy the console, but that’s not the case here. According to its creator, this console is “33% Beast, 42% Alien, 11% Radio active and 56% game machine making it 100% complete for endless hours of eyetone game play.”