A computer case isn’t always necessary when building a PC — you’ll see that a beer box and Wrestlemania toy do just fine.

WrestleMania PC

Chaotic Computing took a WrestleMania “Stunt Action Ring” toy and transformed it into a fully functional computer. It’s currently being used as a media server.

“The final picture, with Warrior and Triple H posing in the corners, shows the Wrestlemania Computer where it’s being used as a media server, with a firewire cable leading to the external hard drives.”


The Lego Computer

Winston proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a cool looking computer. This unique system boasts a case that’s made entirely of Legos, VIA C3 933MHz processor, 8X DVD drive, 256MB Kingston PC2700 DDR SDRAM, 70watt Micro-ATX power supply, and an IBM 18GB hard drive. A wireless keyboard and mouse provide mobility. Though not the most powerful system, its more than enough for surfing the web, talking on Skype, or just watching movies. [Source]

Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise PC

Looking more like a toy, this aircraft carrier-inspired PC features easily removable hardware components, a custom keyboard/mouse, and even working runway lights.

“I saw this cool looking toy of the aircraft carrier Enterprise. I looked closer at it, and thought that it might be big enough to hold one of those great Mini-ITX motherboards from VIA.”


MGDp – The Beer Box Computer

MGDp is Ben Heck’s latest creation — a fully functional portable computer, built inside an emtpy beer box. It features an AMD processor, a 3GB HDD, sound/video cards, and a CD-writer.

The ports are all up front and easy to get to, especially the audio since that’s what this thing is being used for. A monitor must be attached separately. (an LCD panel would have been cool, but COSTS MONEY) Even after the MGDp is done being used as an audio recorder, I will probably use it as a router-controlling computer to make portable cases!