Yes, your $10 flashlight can be turned into a high-powered LED version in just a few easy steps. Continue reading for some of the coolest flashlight hacks that we’ve come across.

Flashlight Cell Phone Charger

Of course, hacking your flashlight to pull double duty as a manually powered charger is a bit more complex than just picking up a hamster or bicycle-powered option, but you’ve got to admit, crafting a makeshift charger with spliced cables and a soldering iron is totally MacGyver-approved[Source]

“Fire-Starter” Flashlight

This modder built “a very high powered flashlight, capable of lighting things on fire, roasting marshmallows, or blinding your would-be attacker.”

This is a 12V bulb which is being overdriven to 14+V, to about 140 watts, with an estimated light output of about 4000 lumens. Compare that to a regular 2D MagLight, which is much, much less than 50 lumens


$10 Power Flashlight Hack

KipKay shows us how to turn any $10 flashlight into a high-powered version, without spending more money.

Brighter than SureFire! Easy to do! See the Test Results