For just $30,000, you could own a one-man helicopter. That’s not the only personal aircraft you’ll find in this list. View more after the jump.

AirScooter II

The 300-pound AirScooter II is a “personal aircraft that can hover or fly at speeds up to 55 knots.” More information here.

It operates on two rotors in a fashion similar to most helicopters, but is apparently easier to fly. The flight controls live in the motorbike-style handlebars and there are no foot pedals whatsoever, meaning the craft could be piloted by those without the use of their legs



If flying is your thing, check out the GEN H-4. Powered by 4 x 125cc 2-cylinder engines, the H-4 boasts “2 sets of coaxial, contra-rotating rotors, which eliminates the need for a tail rotor.” Two caveats: you have to build it yourself and it costs $30,000. Product page here.

The GEN H-4 can fly to a maximum altitude of 1000 meters at a top speed of 90 km/hr (59 mph) for up to 30 minutes

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Battery Powered Plane

The world’s first battery-powered plane is powered by 160 AA “Oxyride” batteries. It “soared five meters (16 feet) above the ground at a private airport owned by Honda Motor Co.” during a test flight.

“This was officially the world’s first manned flight powered by dry-cell batteries, in the second test the plane soared two meters above ground and flew some 400 meters almost independently,” Zushi said

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Super Sky Cycle

Larry Neal, a former test pilot, created this flying motorcycle “called the Super Sky Cycle ” — “a cross between a motorcycle and an autogyro”.

The flying bike goes as fast as 70 mph in the air and 60 mph on the road, and sells for around $25 grand!


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