When you think of LEDs, Christmas Lights is probably the first thought that pops into your brain, but there are many other cool uses for these bright lights, such as for high-tech graffiti, gigantic screens, and more. Pictured above, is “Night Writer, which “extends the functionality of LED throwies by allowing a writer to catch a tag in lights.” First picture in gallery.

Next up, is this gigantic LED screen — located in China, featuring a massive “7,500 square meters of viewable area.”. Unfortunately, this creation costs a whopping $32-million. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, how about an Illuminated LED Pillow, featuring “Luminex, a light-emitting fabric that blends optical fiber with other fibers.” Lastly, we have the “Electro-Graf, “a graffiti piece or throw-up that uses conductive spray-paint and magnet paint to embed movable LED display electronics.”

Night Writer

LED Screen