If regular science experiments just aren’t “cool” enough for you, then check out what you can do with a Tesla Coil. Vote for your favorite experiment after the jump.

Wardlabs Tesla Coil

This homebuilt tesla coil by Wardlabs is capable of consistently generating up to 1,200,000-Volts. More information here. Here’s what the creator has to say:

This coil, was my first large scale coil. If going by Peter’s definition, “a tesla coil is defined by it’s secondary” then this has really been three coils.


Tesla Coil Music

Steve Conner created this visual instrument for a Danish art group and it’s basically “an adaptor board that [is] connected [to] internal tone generators on a Roland JX-8P synth”.

The board converted the volume envelope to burst length, so the harder you pounded the keys, the bigger the sparks got. Hitting a high pitched note hard would blow the fuses, and the MIDI arrangements had to take this into account


50,000 Volt Tesla Coil Experiments

The guys over at GadgetMadness show us how not to use a 50,000 volt capacity Tesla coil.

We could have told you more about how it works and discussed the brilliant scientist who invented it, but noooooo instead we use it to set things on fire, create sparks and illuminate lightbulbs wirelessly. (Don’t try this at home.)

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100,000 Volt Mini Tesla Coil

This short demo shows just ” what you can do with 100,000 volts at high frequency.”


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