How about a HEMI-powered BBQ grill? That’s right, you’ll find that and more in this cool list of gadgets.

HEMI-Powered BBQ Grill

For those who’ve always wanted a BBQ grill that can cook up to 240 hot dogs in just 3 minutes, check out Tim Kowalec’s custom creation — powered by a monstrous 345hp 5.7L V8 HEMI engine.

I love to BBQ but I am not sure I am satisfied with my department store model after looking at some of these crazy BBQs. Tim Kowalec built this HEMI-powered BBQ grill for Chrysler’s “What Can You HEMI?” contest


Wooden Cadillac

Jerry Nickel spent nearly four years building this masterpiece. The body consists of laminated 1-inch strips of mahogany, 1,000 board-feet of wood (cut into 4183 pieces), 5 gallons of glue, 60 pounds of drywall screws, and 4 gallons of varnish. It’s powered by two 500 cubic inch Cadillac V8 engines.

There’s little doubt that this car is one of a kind. Nickel got the idea to build a wooden car from an article in a 1955 issue of Hot Rod magazine. Once Nickel retired from the waste collection business, he began making his dream come true

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V8 Chainsaw

For those who demand the ultimate in performance — from their chainsaw — check out this V8 engine-powered version.

A chainsaw is already the most dangerous object you can hold in your hands, but take a look at what this one can do to a gigantic log. Cuts through it like butta

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Paper V8 Engine

This fully-functional V8 Engine was made entirely from paper, with the exception of its internals. It sports many moving parts, which include “a compound crankshaft, a rapid cooling fan, 8 rods, 8 pistons and a complex compound gearbox etc.”. The engine is powered by 2×1.5V D Batteries and weighs 2.98kg. From start to finish this model took one year to design and construct.