Sure, you could purchase a home on the cheap right now, but these designer creations cater to a more imaginative crowd. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Transforming Loft

Lofts just got cooler with I-BEAM design’s custom creation, which is “an intersection between home and gallery based on a spatial concept that would reflect upon the compositional strategies employed in painting.” At 1900 sq ft, this designer home features movable illuminated panels, the latest gadgets, and plenty of LED lighting.


Penguin House

From afar, the “Penguin House” in Tokyo may not look large (323 sq ft footprint), but thanks to light and space manipulation, this architect makes the home seem much bigger. By having the kitchen counter floating above the stairwell, the home makes use of normally wasted space — along with high ceilings.

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