If nothing but Macintosh will do, these custom-built gadgets are must-have furnishings for your living space. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Mac II Couch

If you just so happened to buy/have two dozen or more Mac II computers laying around, then this is what you could do with them. For those wanting more cushion, adding a few memory foam pads would ensure comfortable seating during intense computing sessions.

Macintosh Plus Wall Clock

In addition to being a geeky decoration, this Mac Plus also doubles as a digital wall clock. Unfortunately, it’s a custom creation, and not available for purchase at this time. If you’d like to build your own: get custom mounting brackets made, stuff a digital clock inside, and it’s ready to go.

Mac SE Paper Dispenser

Yes, a modder gutted his Mac SE, spray painted the case, and then installed a toilet paper dispenser inside — paper comes out through the disk drive. To keep things fresh, the entire case was spray painted white. Best of all, the entire project took just $15 and a few houts to complete.