If nothing else, these foldable vehicles are commendable for saving space, especially in your garage. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.


Electric cars don’t get much better than this. Designed by MIT engineers, the “CityCar” concept gives compact a new meaning. In addition to being stackable, they are also eco-friendly. This high-tech vehicle has wheels with integrated motors that can also rotate a full 360-degrees while moving. You won’t find seat belts in this car because responsive seats, also called “fingers”, hold a person back during an accident.


It’s sheer eye candy, and almost ready for production. The ICON A5 sports foldable wings that allow its owner to store the vehicle in a medium-sized garage. According to the manufacturer, this plane weighs just 1320-pounds, has a max cruising speed of 138mph, and an engine that can be configured for water landings. For those interested, you can place a $5,000 refundable deposit right now and be put on the interest list.

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