Upgrade your broken game console with the innards of a functional PC. These fine examples may not look very pretty, but they definitely get the job done. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Game Boy PC

Yes, a gamer actually managed to cram a functional EPIA PX10000G computer, complete with an SD card slot, Ethernet, and USB ports, inside an old Game Boy. Just attach a monitor and you’re good to go. Hopefully, an integrated display will be next up for this computer.


Xbox 360 PC

Xbox 360 owners who have a broken system(s) laying around rejoice; the console can be used not only as an alarm clock, but also as a functional PC. It features an Intel P4 processor (3.0-GHz), 512MB of memory, 60GB HDD, and 8 x USB ports. By cutting out the rear panels and using the original disc drive cover, this creation seamlessly integrates the Xbox 360 with PC goodness.


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