Before the PS3 laptop, there was the Atari 800XE, Wiitop, and the beautiful Halo 3-inspired laptop. Continue reading for our recap of Ben Heck’s most notable custom creations. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Atari 800XE

Retro gaming clearly drove the Atari 800XE’s design, instead of being an afterthought as with most other laptops currently on the market. Going the classic route doesn’t mean that you have to give up cool features. Inside, you’ll find a CF card reader, 8-inch TFT display, dual speakers, a full keyboard, joystick ports, and integrated Atari controls.

Nintendo Wii Laptop

This followup to Ben Heck’s NESTari, builds upon that creation and includes a built-in power supply. Other features include a 7-inch widescreen display, stereo speakers, Gamecube controller port, and an integrated sensor bar.

Xbox 360 Elite Laptop

Why settle for a standard Xbox 360 Elite when you could build a portable, Halo 3-inspired version? That’s exactly what Ben Heck did. This masterpiece features a 17-inch widescreen LCD display, 120GB HDD, HDMI port, integrated speakers, keyboard, and two USB ports. Though not very practical, it would definitely come in handy when encountered with televisions sporting no A/V input (hotels, etc.).

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