More than just concepts, Nintendo and SEGA had big hopes for these two game consoles to the point of actually manufacturing prototypes. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Nintendo Advanced Video System

Before the Nintendo Entertainment System, there was the “Advanced Video System” (AVS), which was one of Nintendo’s earliest Famicom-like concepts for the North American market. This console was publicly shown at CES in 1985 — consisting of a keyboard, gamepads, joystick, light gun, and data storage unit. Surprisingly enough, all the components featured wireless technology via infrared.

SEGA Neptune

The SEGA Neptune was basically a two-in-one game system (Genesis/32X), planned for release in 1995. Unfortunately, by the time a working protoype was ready, the SEGA Saturn took the spotlight — fortunately. Surprisingly enough, SEGA produced two non-working prototypes that were just empty shells. It was supposed to retail at approximately $200USD — picture courtesy of GDD