At first glance, these may look like normal go karts, but underneath lies some high-tech hardware. View them all after the jump.


Created by “wires99”, this custom-built electric go kart is “powered by four, 12V car batteries and the frame was made from Home Depot gas pipes.” A short word from its creator:

This is the Neuroti-Kart. (PsychoKart was taken) Homemade electric go-Kart. Design goals: electric powered, quiet, fast, capable of doing donuts in my street


Custom-Built Electric Go-Kart

Built by “felixtimlock”, this electric go-kart is quite speedy to say the least. Unfortunately, there are no plans for production.

It only goes about 60KPH (36mph) with the current (LOW) gearing, but with different gearing I think it could do over 110KPH (66mph), (I know a guy who put the same motor and controller on a pocket bike/monkey bike with 1 to 1 gearing and he did 178KPH (110MPH)


Jet-Powered Go-Kart

This amazing jet-powered go kart sports a MK101 Solent Gas Turbine Starter that produces 70bhp and 140.1bft torque. Other specs include a custom-built high pressure fuel system, lightweight alloy wheels, and a “ZIP Bandid Long Circuit” chassis. Video after the jump.

The engine was originally used on the Phantom Fighter aircraft as a self-contained starter unit for the main engines when ground support was not available. It is not designed to operate for more than 40 seconds at any one time, so we had to design elements such as the lubrication, fuel and cooling systems to allow for constant running