Washing your hands may never be the same with the Ring Faucet. You’ll find that and more in this geeky list.

Ring Faucet

Designed by Sun Liang, the “Ring Faucet” “visually frames flowing water in a circular fashion, giving you a full view of the water just as it falls over the edge.”

The opening orifice at the spout end lets in natural light which illuminates the flowing water for a striking view. Water is ‘reinstated’ as a precious element, like a fine diamond

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Tetris-Inspired Kitchen

This nifty Tetris-inspired “Hidden Kitchen” features appliances that are concealed in the wall as interlocking pieces — designed by June He.

Every function a traditional kitchen has is hidden behind the kitchen wall allowing easier clear up of the kitchen. The form of hiding saves the room of the house, which exhibits a sense of freedom and comfort


Smart Oven

Samsung has teamed up with Birds Eye frozen foods to develop a smart oven that knows how to cook a meal by just reading “Smart Codes” found on specially marked packages. Buyers seeking the ultimate in convenience will appreciate this oven, just scan and cook.

“Research commissioned by the companies has reportedly showed that 17 percent of those surveyed say that a barcode-controlled oven is the kitchen innovation they want the most.”


Yummy: The Touchscreen Kitchen Computer

“Yummy” Kitchen Connect is basically a next-generation PC “that keeps track of food you have in the house using a barcode scanner on the bottom that’s connected to a community database.”

You tell the device your diet and your favorite recipes, and it hooks up to the blogosphere to help recommend what might like for dinner according to your likes and dislikes. Since it keeps track of what food you have your pantry, it can also recommend a shopping list


Color Changing LED Faucet

This could quite possibly be the world’s first color changing faucet — built-in LEDs change colors based on the water temperature. There is also “precise control” for baths, sinks, and showers.