Clocks are good for waking you up in the morning, purifying air, and eating your money? You’ll find those geeky clocks, and more in this feature.

USB Air Purifier/Alarm Clock

Here’s a first: a USB-powered air purifier/alarm clock with LED party lights. This gadget would go well with the USB Paper Shredder, don’t you think? [Source]

Open Edition LED Clock

This Open Edition LED Clock consists of four blocks that light up with the correct time when placed in order.

However (and don’t quote me on this) I theorize that mixing up the cubes will result in a breach of the space-time contiuum no doubt bringing the end of the universe as we know it. Ditch the Delorean and simply rearrange the blocks to time travel anywhere in that specific day

[Source 12]

Water Clock

At $12,000, this “ChronArte Canna Water Clock” basically “consists of a dozen glass tubes with 5.25 gallons of water, filling up as time passes and marked at 10-minute increments.”

At 12 o’clock noon and midnight, all the water drains down to the bottom, starting the process all over again


Art Lebedev’s Verbarius Electronic Clock

Art Lebedev puts a new twist on electronic clocks, with the Vebarius. This device doesn’t use numbers to display the time, but rather spells it out, and in five different languages to boot. One potential drawback, it’ll set you back a hefty $158.25 (preorder). Product page.

What’s more, it changes up its verbiage each time you ask it the time, displaying variations like “forty-five minutes past four,” “fifteen minutes to five,” “four forty-five”, and “a quarter to five.” This being Lebedev, of course, they’re also taking their time to build up anticipation in the device, with the clock supposedly set to only begin shipping in November



This strange alarm clock only turns off when you feed it coins. That’s not all, it costs a hefty $51 and is only available in Japan.

Meet the BANCLOCK alarm clock. Not to be confused with the bang clock, this alarm clock features a display like a national debt ticker and alarm which can only be turned off by feeding the damn thing some coin


Philips “Wake Up” Light

Philips introduces an innovative alarm clock that “replicates a sunrise to wake you up naturally — starts a half hour before you want to get up, and it slowly gets brighter over 30 minutes.” The “Wake Up” light will be released later this year in France. No word yet on pricing.

This lets your body know that the sun is coming up and reduces your body’s production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone



Clocky is claimed to be the world’s most annoying alarm clock, which could be good a thing for those who have trouble waking up in the morning. Here’s how it works:

Clocky gives you one chance to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide. Clocky is kind of like a misbehaving pet, only he will get up at the right time