Umbrellas are a must have on rainy days, but you may soon be able to use them to surf the internet. Continue reading for a selection of geeky umbrellas.


The iBrella is “is a special umbrella that acts as an iPod interface.”

Actually, you can ‘emulate’ all iPod commands solely by physical interactions with the iBrella e.g. opening and closing the iBrella refers to starting and pausing the iPod. Furthermore, you can select a random song by wildly shaking the iBrella in the air. Mode switching for different control modes is done by simply ’stabbing’ the iBrella in the air

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Forecasting Umbrella

Just glance at the handle and if it’s pulsing blue light you’ll know to bring it along. Wer’e talking about Ambient Device’s new “Forecasting Umbrella”. The latest local weather reports are delivered to the umbrella via Ambient’s proprietary network so you’ll never be caught in the rain again empty handed. Its simple yet practical and something that we’d definitely consider buying. [Source]

SENZ: The Wind-Proof Umbrella

What sets the SENZ apart from other umbrellas is that it can easily slice its way “through all winds, from an afternoon breeze to strong autumn gusts.”

The patented asymmetrical shape gives you a perfect sight, while giving you the best rain protection an umbrella can give. No longer will you embarrass yourself for running into telephone poles, cars or brick walls with an umbrella that completely blocks your view!


“Melt” Umbrella

What sets “Melt” apart from other umbrellas is that it “eliminates the fragile and complicated mechanics typical of an umbrella and replaces it with an intuitive tension system.”

Biodegradable but waterproof garden film is used as the umbrella canopy. Waxed cardboard (or bamboo) provides the frame. These parts become home for the seeds stored the the handle, which can be returned for a discount on a new umbrella or simply recycled


High-Tech Umbrella Lets You Surf the Net

What sets this nifty gadget apart from the other is that it boasts a “projector attached to the handle, one which then throws its images up on the umbrella itself, displaying a plethora of information right in front of you.”

The device is able to: take pictures with an attached camera, upload them to Flickr (presumably through a cellular connection), download a Flickr photostream, display your position on a Google Map (using the also-included GPS chip) and give you a slideshow. You control the interface with a flick of the wrist


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