Some games never get old, they just get better, and so it is with Halo. These extreme fans have created a custom Warthog vehicle and Master Chief armor to pay tribute to the game. Continue reading to see more — both have previously appeared on TechEBlog. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Master Chief Armor

You know you’re addicted to Halo when you spend months building a Master Chief armor suit, during your precious hours of “outside” time. In addition to the armor, Chris Bryan’s creation also features a full-set of weapons, including Halo 2-style SMGs.



The Halo fans over at Weta Workshop created this life-sized Warthog vehicle for a series of short films. It features “a working gun, digital displays, airbags and the ability for the Warthog to crab crawl as well as four wheel steer.”


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