While purchasing a new Ferrari may be out of reach for most auto enthusiasts, these people decided to construct their own, with one example being knitted from yarn. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Ferrari 312PB

If Ferrari and scale models are your bag, this 312PB is just for you. Pierre Scerri of Avignon spent 15 years and over 20,000 hours building this exact 1:3 scale replica of Ferrari’s 312PB. Featuring a working 12-cylinder engine, 1:3 scale fuel-injection system, manual gearbox, and it even uses a perfectly engraved key to start the car. The engine sounds incredible, partially due to Pierre running the engine on a dynamometer for six months and tuning the header pipes to give off the same growl as its life-sized counterpart.

Knitted Ferrari F355

Lauren Porter, a 22 year old art student, used approximately 12 miles of yarn knitting the full-sized Ferrari F355 you see above — completed in 10 months. Or in other words, it’s comprised of 240 red woolen squares that were plastered over a metal frame. A working engine would top things off, but it still wouldn’t be street legal unfortunately — quite a fire hazard as well.

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