Could water be the fuel of tommorow? It’s a possibility, but for now, check out these innovative water-powered inventions.

Water-Powered Motorcycle

Steve Ryan claims to have “devised a method of using water used as fuel directly, in contrast to using water as a source of Hydrogen, which then serves as the combustable fuel.”

The inventor frequently emphasizes that his invention is ” . . . a water-based fuel ” (rather than the conventional electrolysis inferred on the web site). He also talks of the “entrainment” of hydrogen in the water. The bike was then started and filmed being ridden up to 50 mph on the highway, and at lesser speed around a commercial courtyard. According to the inventor, the carburettor had been only slightly modified. This was confirmed by a mechanic in the documentary

Water-Powered Car

Danny Klein’s water/gasoline hybrid just might be the solution to high gas prices.

A U.S. inventor has come up with a new electrolysis process that he claims could revolutionize how cars are powered. Last week, Denny Klein filed for a patent on the process, which has reportedly gotten attention from the Department of Defense and one major U.S. automaker.


Xogen – Tap Water as Fuel?

Xogen claims to have developed a process to split water and deliver hydrogen on demand to a burner tip, combustion chamber, or fuel cell, without external pressurisation or storage while consuming modest amounts of electrical current.”

They have joined up with Tathacus Resources Ltd. to develop a home heating apparatus. Their claims have, however, met with scepticism from some quarters