Inline skates don’t get much more creative than this, from an innovation standpoint that is. Continue reading to see inline skates reinvented. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Booster Blades

Booster Blades could quite possibly be the most dangerous roller skate-type device ever. According to the manufacturer, Booster Blades are “kind of cross between in-line skates and a bicycle — you wear them like skates but pedal up and down and they propel you along like riding a bike.”

Orbit Wheels

Think of Orbit Wheels as a cross between a skateboard and inline skates. A large wheel radius lets riders skate on a variety of surfaces and can easily be slipped into backpacks. Though not very practical, they are interesting conversation pieces nonetheless.

Super Inline Skates

What sets these “Super Inline Skates” apart from the others are its wheels. They are essentially bolted onto independently rotating gears rather than an inline track, allowing for a greater range of movement — includes spinning in place and skating sideways.


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