Making your computer desk out of FedEx boxes may save you some money, but it definitely isn’t recommended. You’ll find that and more in this interesting feature.

FedEx Computer Setup

2dayBlog shows us a person who decided to save a few dollars by making all his furniture out of FedEx boxes — including his computer desk.

Mobile Desktop

Mobile Whack pointed us to this amusing picture of someone who apparently decided to create his own mobile desktop — not very practical at all I must say. An LCD monitor and/or Linspire Mini would’ve cut down on some weight.

This guy was obviously against the laptop…I’d like to see him try taking that thing on a plane….

World’s Fastest Office Desk

That’s right, car builder Edd China has created the world’s fastest office desk. It’s powered by a Rover 100 engine and is capable of speeds of up to 87mph.

As the NASCAR-like decals indicate, the £45,000 ($85,700) mobile office (dubbed the “hot-desk”) was originally built for a stationary firm, and comes complete with a keyboard steering wheel, mousepad horn, briefcase-based controls, and even a working computer and water cooler