Not all Segway’s look and function the same, as these custom-created devices (aside from the Centaur) prove that the technology is good for much more.

Multimedia Segway

Segway of Oakland created this nifty HDTV version of the Segway Human Transporter , complete with flat-panel LCD screen and DVD player.

We have the owner Steve Riding the Segway and the Segway Training Video is playing on the front

Custom-Built Segway Wheelchair

Designer Josep Mora custom built this Segway wheelchair for those who prefer to ride around in style.

He added a hand break to keep the vehicle standing on its own when stopped, a folding handle bar and a folding ramp to put the vehicle in the trunk


Segway Centaur

The Segway Centaur is a concept that “combines proprietary dynamic stabilization technology with advanced propulsion and suspension systems, and an intuitive user interface to create a unique four-wheel device that is easily controllable on two or four wheels.”

Mini Segway

This mini Segway called “The Teetering Buffalo” stands approximately 20-inches high and is operated using a standard remote control transmitter.

The user can control both the forward and backward velocity as well as steering, making the vehicle fully drivable under a variety of conditions. Rather than directly influence the controller’s output with the radio signal, a mass shift was used to simulate a rider leaning forward and back. The system maintains its balance independent of the controller input, and requires no driving skill from the user to maintain stability