Breaking complete from the standard design for laptops, these concepts are a nice change, aesthetically and technologically. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Fujitsu’s DJ Turntable Laptop

By now, many laptops (tablet) have touchscreen displays. So why not take the technology a bit furthur and make the entire case touch-sensitive? This Fujitsu DJ Turntable laptop does just that and even includes a back-lit keypad.


Fujitsu’s “Fab PC” Laptop

Similar to the Intel Metro, Fujitsu’s “Fab PC” boasts an ultrathin E-ink display and a case that’s made from cloth — “intended to make the device more reminiscent of a traditional folio.”


LG’s “E-Book” Laptop

This futuristic laptop sports an OLED display and is powered by blue methyl alcohol fuel instead of a regular lithium-ion battery. That’s not all, the keypad is also made from a single OLED panel.

Estari DC15 Dual Touchscreen Laptop

The Estari DC15 is the world’s first dual-touchscreen notebook, keyboard not included. It features an Intel Core Duo (1.83-GHz) processor, 2GB RAM, up to 100GB HDD, and dual 15-inch touchscreen displays.


E-Paper GPS Laptop

or tourists who hate using maps/guides, this E-paper GPS laptop concept might be just for you. It comes equipped with built-in storage and Wi-Fi for maximum convenience. Plus, this laptop folds up into a book-shaped case when not in use.


Compenion Laptop

Compenion is a futuristic laptop concept that boasts two OLED touchscreen displays and a modular design. Users can either “tap away by hand or use the ‘senstylus’ pen to control it.”


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