Timeless classics like Super Mario Bros. never get old, they just get recreated using FPS game engines. Sure, there have been other custom levels, but we’ve selected our favorites for your viewing enjoyment after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.


In this clip, you’ll see a classic Super Mario Bros. level recreated in 3D, using the Doom engine.” Though the skin isn’t perfect, the game is definitely playable. Yes, powerups such as the mushroom are also in this mod. Next up, a Doom level recreated in Super Mario Bros.


UT2D Super Mario recreates the look and feel of the original NES game using a combination of blocky platforms, mashed with 2D/3D scenery. This was accomplished with the UT2D gameplay mod, running in UT3. It’s currently in the beta phase, so expect a few bugs during gameplay.