For some, just playing a game isn’t enough, they have to “experience” it, and that’s where these high-tech gaming chairs come in.

Force Dynamics Rally Simulator

The Force Dynamics Rally Seat has three degrees of freedom, 2gs of vertical acceleration, a 51.5-inch projection display, and +/- 30 degrees of pitch/roll. Practical applications include home entertainment, Simcenters, event marketing, and rally training.

D-BOX GP-100

This $15,000 D-BOX GP-100 race seat sports “full three-axis motion — turning right and left, braking, accelerating through the gears, and even feeling the textures of the road.”

Future updates will allow the chair to add on first person game modules for shooting, combat, fantasy, sports, flight sims, and more


Ultimate Game Chair

So you’ve seen the Multimedia Chair and Armed “Movie” Chair, now check out the Ultimate Game Chair. At $399, this chair packs 12 vibration motors synchronized to the game, adjustable 3D stereo speakers, ground effects lighting, multiple massage settings, beverage/remote holders, and integrated controllers.

Gamers put their bodies through so much while playing their favorite consoles what with all the controller-holding, constantly staring at the television and not to forget all the sitting too. Why not give your body a break and treat it to some real luxury?


HotSeat Gaming Futon

Here’s a first: a futon with six built-in hi-fi speakers (Dolby Surround), a powered subwoofer, three audio-inputs, and a wireless remote.

It’s great for gaming and movies, plus you can turn the bass all the way up, recline the thing into bed-mode and get into a little horizontal DDR