If you’ve got the gear, why not flaunt it? These setups range from beautiful to just flat out crazy — as in money spent. Continue reading to see them all.

“The Wing” Setup

Put simply, “The Wing” is one of the coolest Mac setups we’ve seen. The desk is made from a machined airplane wing and the MacBook is connected to a wall-mounted flat panel. A wireless keyboard and mouse were added as finishing touches. [Source]

Mac Mini PVR

This PVR setup features a Mac Mini Core Duo, Westinghouse LVM-42w2 1080p monitor, 300GB HDD in fanless enclosure, Miglia TVMini HD OTA HDTV tuner, and a Peerless ST650P Universal Tilt Wall Mount.[Source]

Big Screen Mac Mini Setup

For those who like to surf the web while watching TV, check out Jason’s Mac setup. It consists of a Samsung HLR5078W display, Core Duo Mac Mini, Series 2 TiVO, and Comcast HD STB.

Check out the 50″ (yes, fifty) Samsung DLP he’s got mounted on his wall, and running FrontRow from a hidden Mac mini


“Mac On a Wall”

This slick Mac setup consists of a wall-mounted 20-inch Dell 2005FPW LCD monitor, concealed Mac Mini (beneath desk), and a MacBook Pro.

I mounted the monitor with a standard wall mount for LCDs and then drilled a hole for the cables and fished them down to another hole at the baseboard. The Mac mini is sitting on top of two UPS battery backup units under the desk.

[Source 12]

Ultimate Apple Fanboy Setup

Yes, it features three 30-inch Apple Cinema displays, a 23-inch display, 1.42 GHz Mac Mini, iSight, and a 17-inch Powerbook G4. Click image for full sized version. [TUAW]

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