Make robotic arms a bit more fun with these custom rides. These attractions were specifically designed with thrills in mind. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.


Tired of the same old amusement park rides? Then check out this robotic arm by Kuka. According to the manufacturer, the “practically unrestricted freedom of motion and excellent dynamic performance of an industrial robot have been exploited in the leisure and amusement industry for the first time.”


Believe it or not, at one time the Robo Arm was used in a Nissan manufacturing plant. To be more specific, it’s a “1997 FANUC S420iW Industrial robot with RJ-2 Controls in a remote ‘B’ cabinet” and has a 346-pound weight capacity. Though it may look fun, its creator says: “using this robot in such a manner can be hazardous to your health.”