Whether you’re looking for some entertainment at traffic lights or just want your keys to stand out, these unusual keychains definitely get the job done. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Doomsday Device Keychain

Ok, so your pocket won’t literally “self-destruct”, but the Doomsday Device Keychain wants you to think so…or not. Just hit the button and “you’ll hear a few drama-inducing beeps counting down.”

Once the countdown is complete, there is a slight pause and then the sound of an explosion. Use your imagination and the Doomsday Device Keychain to blow up your inbox, your boss, your computer, your whole office building, whatever you want


Bubble Wrap Keychain

For those who just can’t get enough of bubble wrap and the popping sound it makes when pushed, this keychain is just for you. Boasting “8 rubbery little ‘bubble’ buttons that have a pretty close tactile feel to actual bubble wrap.”

Every 100th “pop” is not a pop at all, but a silly sound: a boing, a bark, a rude noise, etc. And since you can easily pop (pun intended) the keychain in your pocket, you’ll always have bubble wrap when you need it most


Radioactive Tritium Glow Keychain

Unlike other keychains, this radioactive Tritium glow keychain — lasts for 10 years — makes finding your keys in the dark a breeze. According to the manufacturer, Tritium is “safe to use in consumer products since the beta particles it emits are too weak to even penetrate human skin.”

Even if you�ve never heard of tritium before, odds are you�ve already experienced it. The radioactive material is used in compasses, gun sights, watches and other items you might need to use at night