Here are four robots that you don’t want to see next when waking up at night or in the morning. This list includes a strange robotic piggy bank that eats your coins.

Robot Piggy Bank

This creepy Banpresto Face Bank features an object-sensitive sensor in the eyes and actually eats coins.

Seriously, eating your coins is one thing, but designing the face like a demonic orangutan baby? That’s not cool, guys



What do you get when you combine a Robosapien V.2 with a teddy bear? RoboTed — created by Nocturnal of the Evosapien team.

As cool as this hack is, there’s something creepy about seeing someone gut a teddy bear and then stuff its lifeless skin with the cold body of a Robosapien

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Pregnant Robot

This $20,000 “Pregnant Robot” — developed to help med students — “simulates the pertinent vital signs and exports of a pregnant woman, including blood, urine and a baby.”

Even the baby simulates vital signs, and can change colors from pink to blue to signify oxygen deficiency. A human controller can initiate different complications, or just sit back as the robot runs through its program of baby ejection


RuBot II

This follow up to the RuBot is the next-generation of Rubik’s Cube solving robots. Plus, it plays robotic sounds while solving the cube — how cool is that?