You don’t have to be a world class bodybuilder to lift two-times your body weight. All you need are these wearable exoskeletons. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.


Some robots never get old, they just get better, and so it is with the Hal-5. This robot exoskelton allows anyone who wears it, the potential to lift up to 5-times the weight they normally could. It works “by sensing weak electrical impulses from muscles via electrodes on operator’s skin and sending them to the onboard computer which in turn analyzes them and activates corresponding servos of the suit, mimicking wearer’s motions.” Available now for lease, priced at $15,000 per month.



Developed by SARCOS, this wearable robot suit fits around your body like an exoskeleton, enabling soldiers to easily lift 200-pound weights, missiles, and more. Flexible robotic joints mimic your every movement, providing versatility. The final version will be 100% portable and run off battery power.


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