The prices of cars and some private jets are steadily going down as fuel prices increase. While taking public transportation or purchasing a hybrid vehicle may be viable options, these motion simulators are hard to beat when it comes to value. Continue reading to see more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Force Dynamics 301

The Force Dynamics Rally Seat has three degrees of freedom, 2gs of vertical acceleration, a 51.5-inch projection display, and +/- 30 degrees of pitch/roll. Practical applications include home entertainment, Simcenters, event marketing, and rally training.

Homemade Flight Sim

Made from parts that can be purchased at any hardware store, this homemade flight sim boasts a PVC frame, bucket seat, LCD display, and is powered by two windshield wiper motors. Best of all, it runs on open-source software and can be upgraded with ease. Its creator plans on upgrading the electronics with a new AVR microcontroller.