Would you feel safer if your surveillance camera had a gun attached to it? Unfortunately, surveillance cameras like the one shown above are just concepts…for now. Continue reading to view more.

Gun Control Security Camera

One of our readers just sent in a video clip of the “Gun Control” security camera, first introduced earlier this year. No other surveillance system quite matches the security of Scott Kildall’s Gun Control, which integrates a “police-issue” revolver and video camera into the killer package seen above. Like something out of a 007 movie, when a person comes into view, the camera and gun both follow.[Source]

Surveillance Light Fixtures

Designed by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, this setup consists of “144 robotic fluorescent light fixtures controlled by 7 computerized surveillance systems”. The light tubes continually rotate to create “patterns of light that are ‘paths’ or ‘corridors'” as persons walk underneath.

When two or more people are detected, the system rotates the fixtures so that “light corridors” are created between them. As many people walk in the court, the light reflect the influence of all of them creating complex patterns similar to isobars. Every few minutes, the system enters an “interlude mode” showing random orthogonal arrangements


Singled Out

NewScientist reports that EMITALL has developed a new add-on system for video surveillance feeds that “singles out any people in a video feed, on the basis of their movement, and disguises them digitally while leaving the rest of the scene intact”.

This means the resulting video can then be viewed by anyone, but only those in possession of the encryption key can unlock the scrambled regions and identify the people shown on-screen


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