FIU Wall of Wind Hurricane
Photo credit: Florida International University
Florida International University wanted to study advance wind engineering / structural research that could possibly save lives, homes, and infrastructure threatened by extreme winds. What better way to do this than build a “Wall of Wind,” literally? The Wall of Wind (WOW) Experimental Facility (EF), comprised of 12 fans, can replicate Category 5 (Hurricane Andrew strength) winds. It is now used to research how structures, like homes and critical infrastructure systems, hold up in extreme weather. Read more for two videos and additional information.

This facility can be used to test full-sized structures such as site-built or manufactured housing and small commercial structures, while a water-injection system replicates horizontal wind-driven rain. A turntable can also be installed to test structures from all angles and fans adjusted for different wind speeds.

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It’s gratifying to see the advances in hurricane engineering made possible by WOW research. Our team developed the facility we now use in research that can mitigate hurricane impacts in the future. This means a lot to me,” said co-principal investigator Dr. Arindam Chowdhury.