Folding Survival Bow

Having an extreme tactical bow around in case of a zombie apocalypse is smart, but most of those are just too large to carry around in a normal bag. Introducing the Compact Folding Survival Bow by Primal Gear Unlimited. Weighing just 2.25-pounds due to its aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass construction, it’s capable of a sufficient 181-feet-per-second arrow speed and can be adjusted to accommodate both left and right handed users. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“What makes this bow ideal for a survival situation? Its size can’t be beat. It can easily fit, along with the take down arrows, into a standard bug out bag and even under a vehicle seat. I’m positive that it can even be strapped to the frame of a bicycle if one were so inclined. So the size of the bow and arrows is a huge plus for transportation purposes. Also this bow can shoot any kind of arrow. It can shoot carbon, fiberglass, or wood arrows. This increases the availability of arrows drastically, especially if you happen upon some arrows or even need to make your own,” according to Survival Cache.

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