Pavlok Shock Clock

There’s the Shock Bomb, and then the Pavlok Shock Clock wearable. Whether it be waking up in the morning, or trying to break a bad habit, this device will help you accomplish the task with force, or in other words, it vibrates first at a set time, beeps, and then shocks your wrist. It pairs to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0, and its vibration, beep, and electric stimulus can be triggered by Pavlok apps, the Chrome Extension, IFTTT, and other sensors/smart devices. Pavlok doesn’t need to know your habit, users need to know their habit, and by administering the electric stimulus while doing an action – even if manually administered – the human brain creates a permanent Pavlovian association. Continue reading for two more hands-on videos and additional information.

Customize the type of feedback that wakes you up, and never wake up late or miss a meeting ever again. Pavlok Productivity (Chrome Extension) – Blacklist websites that you know you shouldn’t visit, and banish too many open tabs. If you open one too many tabs or visit a site you shouldn’t be on, Pavlok will notify you and vibrate, beep, or zap your wrist. IFTTT (If This, Then That) – IFTTT is a web app that allows you to connect hundreds of different applications together.

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