Lifestyle Home Elevator

Forget normal stairlifts, the Star Trek-inspired Lifestyle Home Elevator consists of a glass-paneled pod that can be installed in a corner, and runs along a pair of rails that hide the hydraulic mechanism from sight. What sets this elevator apart from others is its shaft-less design, which means that you can leave it upstairs when you’re downstairs, and vice-versa, leaving only rails visible. In case of an emergency, the microswitches on the bottom trigger an emergency brake as soon as one of them is touched. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Joking aside, this elevator lets people stay in their home when they might otherwise have to abandon it for a single floor apartment. It’s also way better than the usual answer – the stairlift. A stairlift works fine, but takes up a lot of space, and is really only good for sending a seated human being up and down the stairs. A proper elevator, on the other hand, can transport two people at a time (the maximum load is 250kg or 550 pounds), or even shift heavy goods between floors,” according to Fast Company.


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