Valued at a whopping $2126 (&pound1,250), and having a tank that can hold 10-liters of water as well as having a firing range of 40ft, it’s touted as the world’s most sophisticated machine gun water pistol. Alex Bygrave, a 27-year-old engineer from Streatham Hill, south London, spent 50-hours creating this Gatling-style water pistol from scratch using everyday parts, such as a black cab’s windscreen wiper for its rotary motion and a walking pole handle as the pump. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Mr Bygrave says: “I had to first break down the mechanics of how the Gatling gun worked, and then build it up using a mix of all sorts of components. For example, I used a black cab’s windscreen wiper to provide the rotary motion of the pistol and laser cut mechanics to create an intermittent barrel rotation. The windscreen wiper motor was ideal as they have a very high gearing and are easy to pick up cheaply second hand. Standard plumbing pipes and fittings were used wherever possible, so that as much of the pistol could be made from stuff in your local DIY store.”

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