Tree Cabin

There are tree houses, and then this amazing tree cabin, designed by architect Missy Brown. Located in Colorado and anchored to a 90 foot spruce tree, it features a spiral staircase that leads directly up to the front door. In addition to electricity, you’ll find a cozy sleeping area, work space, and coolest of all, a rooftop patio deck, great for entertaining guests during warmer weather. However, you won’t need to worry about cold temperatures too much either, as electrical baseboards were installed to help keep the cabin warm. Continue reading for a video of a fully-plumbed DIY tree house resort. Click here to view a few more incredible tree houses.

“When Phil moved to Oregon decades ago to be near his children, he began dreaming about building a treehouse or two. Once his children had grown, he indulged the fantasy. Today, he and his wife Jody have three self-designed structures: the Japanese-inspired Shiitake, Tudor-style Calypso and the Cottage (a cabin in a tree). They rent them out by the night (they’re fully plumbed) and the couple dreams of building yet another (Jody wants it to feature a skylight and to call it the “Sky Palace”).

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