Leafblower Hoverboard

Texan-based gadget hacker Ryan Craven doesn’t have access to secret technology nor a contact from the future, just four gutted leafblowers, a sheet of plywood, and some gorilla tape. That’s right, those were what he used to create a working hoverboard, Sure, this may not be the quietest hoverboard out there, but this will get you lots of glances at the skate park or where you decide to use it. Continue reading for a video.

“Although those airborne, bone-breaking liabilities were fake, Craven’s design, called Mr. Hoverboard, is definitely real. Really, the board is just a small hovercraft but rides very much the same as Hendo’s technologically superior design. But what Craven may lack in tech, Mr. Hoverboard makes up in its ability to actually work outside of a specialized metal surface,” says Gizmodo.


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