Full Moon Christmas Day

For those who happen to be outside on Christmas night, you’ll be greeted with a rare sight as the final full moon of the year peaks.The last time this happened on on Christmas was in 1977, and it won’t happen again until 2034. “As you gaze up at the Christmas moon, take note that NASA has a spacecraft currently orbiting Earth’s moon. As we look at the moon on such an occasion, it’s worth remembering that the moon is more than just a celestial neighbor,” said NASA’s Nancy Neal Jones, from the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. Continue reading for three more videos and information. Click here to view more pictures of the full moon.

“But for a glimpse into what next year holds, Nasa has created a lunar calendar covering the whole of 2016 in the form of a detailed video. The 4K imagery is based on data from the (LRO) which has been studying the moon’s mountains and craters since 2009,” according to The Daily Mail.

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