Another day, another batch of funny USB thumb drives, and they just keep getting better. To start, we have the Deer Buck USB drive above — image via. Continue reading to see three more funny and geeky examples.

1. USB Thumb Drive

It may look and feel like a real finger, but it’s just a USB thumbe drive. However, its creator says that the drive was embedded into a replica of his own thumb and “the flesh-tinted, urethane rubber cast is slightly squeezable and chemically very stable.”

2. Spock Jr.

If Spock Jr. created a USB thumb drive in his own image, it most certainly would look nothing like the creation above. Best of all, “his aim in life is to store all your data in that wonderful head of his…and retrieve it all in seconds!”

3. Wall-E

The lovable Wall-E has been shrunk down into a USB thumb drive, with 8GB of storage, fire extinguisher and all. Plus, it can be easily attached to your keychain, thanks to included keyring.

4. Mario

No funny and geeky USB thumb drive list would be complete without Nintendo’s famous plumber, Mario. In standard form, this geeky drive may look normal, but add on the coin box or brick extension, and you’ve got yourself a great addition to any Mario collection.

5. LEGO Minifig

The Force and USB 2.0 compatibility are strong with this Obi-Wan Kenobi LEGO Minifig. Aside from 8GB of built-in memory, it even lights up when plugged into a working USB port.

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