If you’ve been up late, then As Seen On TV infomercials are nothing new, but there are some funny gems that slipped through the cracks, and we’ve got six of our favorites for you after the break.

1. WhiteLight

Teeth whitening has been around for a while, but who knew the same process could be accomplished with the WhiteLight system. It uses “light technology” and a special gel to remove surface and embedded stains.

2. Foot Aligner Socks

Don’t you just hate when your feet have a mind of their own and just walk off course? Well, these Foot Aligner Socks keep your toes pointing in the proper direction and most likely won’t do a thing for your feet.

3. Gas Transfer Pump

We have a feeling that the Gas Transfer Pump will be used for more than transferring one’s own fuel, when placed in the wrong hands, but at least it’s a real product.

4. Tater Mitts

This wacky gadget supposedly lets anyone peel a potato in just 8-seconds, thanks to its abrasive coating. And there’s more, you get a “bonus” vegetable slicer, just in case the mitts don’t do their job.

5. Tiddy Bear

The colorful Tiddy Bear snaps on to any seatbelt and is claimed to relieve pressure from shoulder straps. Unfortunately, you’ll have to shell out $14.99 for this gadget or just grab a hand towel and some duct tape to create your own Tiddy Bear.

6. Touch-n-Brush

For children and adults alike, who have no idea how to squeeze a toothpaste tube, the Touch-n-Brush is for you. This contraption can fit any size tube and allows you to easily squeeze every last bit of toothpaste out.

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