Whether if you’re looking for unique gifts or just want a change from the usual gadgets at Best Buy, these should do the trick. Best of all, they aren’t completely useless. Continue reading to see more.

Fizz Saver

To use the $12.98 Fizz Saver, just screw the gadget onto any standard bottle, set it upside down on any flat surface, and the fizz will be saved. Though it may keep the soda carbonated for a few extra days, we still recommend finishing the bottle off in a timely manner to ensure freshness. Product page.

Calculating Chalkboard Lamp

Called the “Calculating Chalkboard”, this gadget can be mounted on any wall and doubles as a light. The concept is simple: its built-in LED display shows a basic math problem and users solve it to turn the light on.

On/Off Coffee Mug

Not your average coffee mug, this one is covered with heat-sensitive materials on the outside. As it’s filled with hot coffee or liquids, the black-colored mug magically turns on. Product page.

French Fry Holder

Why let your second cup holder sit empty when you could use it to carry a box of french fries? Look no further than the “Frency Fry Holder”, which even has a “clip-on ketchup cup.” This item is currently sold out online, but you might be able to find it at your local novelty store — Spencer’s, etc.

USB-Powered Heating Lunch Bag

Made by Japan-based Thanko, this funny USB-powered lunch bag is aimed at the mobile warrior who would like a warm lunch, without needing a microwave oven. Basically, users just plug it into any USB port and the bag will heat the food up to 60-degrees celsius.

2GB Hacked USB Cable Drive

Can’t afford an expensive USB drive with built-in self-destruct functionality? Then look no further than the hacked USB cable drive. Though it’s disguised to look like something you’d find in a dumpster, it can store up to 2GB of files. Available now, priced at $29.99. Product page.