Gadget fans who ride motorcycles / scooters rejoice! Introducing Skully, a futuristic helmet that combines smartphone-pairing and voice controls with an integrated Heads Up Display that shows both turn-by-turn directions as well as provides full 180° view of what’s behind. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Here’s what Wired’s Damon Lavring has to say about this piece of gadgetry:

The Skully Synapse HUD is integrated into the helmet visor and appears to float around 20 feet ahead of the rider’s field of view.

Although the map is persistent, two views are available: one with a simple design incorporated into the rearview display and another for more detailed turn-by-turn navigation. Skully claims the lithium ion battery is good for nine hours – a full day’s worth of riding – and the helmet will meet both the U.S. DOT and European ECE safety standards.