T-Pod Truck

Sweden-based Einride has just unveiled “T-Pod,” a fully-electric, autonomous truck that has no driver’s seat to maximize carrying capacity. On the road, it can hold up to 15 pallets of goods, while measuring just 23-feet in length. Unlike other self-driving trucks, this one can steer itself without any human intervention, but on more dangerous roads, someone can remote control it from an offsite location. The company plans on having 200 T-pods on the road in Sweden by 2020, and will start with a maiden journey between Gothenburg and Helsingborg. Continue reading for another video about autonomous driving and more information.

“We’re now at a crucial time for not only the Einride business, but for the future of transport. Through technology, we have been able to create a system for the future, but it involves bravery and dedication from people the world over, to accept that change is also their responsibility and put the T-pod system into practice,” said Robert Falck, Einride’s chief executive.

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