Volvo YCC

The Volvo YCC (“Your Concept Car”) was a concept car presented in 2004 at the Geneva Motor Show with the stated goal of meeting the particular needs of female drivers. On the outside, it looks like a futuristic four seat coupe, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that there’s no hood, as the engine was designed to need an oil change only after 50,000 km (31,000 mi) – radio messages are sent to a garage automatically a short time before any required maintenance. Filling the windshield washer tank was done by a cap-less ball valve, right next to the cap-less gas tank ball valve. The car featured run-flat tires, like those of wheeled armoured vehicles, in order to be able to drive all the way to a garage after a puncture and thus avoid having to change a tire by the side of the road. Continue reading for more fascinating facts.

Fascinating Facts

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