Real Thor Hammer

In the comic books, Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir can only be wielded only by those deemed worthy. For those who aren’t, Mjolnir simply cannot be lifted off the ground regardless of what is used in the attempt. Electrical engineer Allen Pan, also known as “Sufficiently Advanced” on YouTube, decided to create a real-life version. He installed a microwave oven transformer electromagnet, which uses electricity to produce a magnetic field, a very strong magnetic pull so that when it’s placed on a metal surface, the hammer feels too heavy to lift. The handle was then attached to a capacitive touch sensor, powered by an Arduino Pro Mini and a solid state relay, which serves as a switching device. As soon as someone grabs the handle, the electromagnets switch on, attaching the hammer to the metal surface, but can be turned off via a fingerprint sensor keyed to Pan’s thumbprint. Click here to view the first image in this week’s art of trolling gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a samurai who slices through 100mph fastballs.

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