Transformers costumes are nothing new, as they can be found at just about any toy / department store nowadays. Custom building them out of everyday household items on the other hand, is. That is exactly what Peter Kokis of Brooklyn RobotWorks has done. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Optimus Prime

Construction time: 475 hours; Weight: 120 lbs; Materials used: toilet seat mounting hardware, dish drain basin parts, heavy weightlifting belt, athletic laces, 2 bicycle wall-hanger mounts, lots of closet pole mounting hardware, 4 toy truck wheels, 2 pill splitters, 2 paint can crimpers, 4 paintbrush holders, 12 turnbuckles, contact lens cases, 2 tool hangers, 7 ‘Muscle Milk’ drink bottles, utility thermos, camping thermos, 2 shoehorns, 3 hand juicers, and more.


Construction time: 600 hours; Weight: 164 lbs; Materials used: Brooklyn tourist giftshop license plate, football chest protector, 2 hockey leg guards, 2 shin guards, extreme sport body armor, 69 velcro straps, 2 pooper scoopers, dog bowl, salad spinner, 2 corn cobbers, plastic hangers, 6 toilet paper roll holders w/ 2 full assemblies, 2 spatulas, 2 gardening hand tools, and more.


Construction time: 350 hours; Weight: 145 lbs; Materials used: dish drain basin parts, 2 apple corers, sport shinguards, 4 phone handsets, lots and lots of plumbing piping, doorknob wall guards, 2 toilet tissue holders, 4 sponge holders, lots of closet pole hardware, 5 doorstops, and more.

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