The majority of geeky guys really do not like shopping for clothes, but Vancouver-based media specialist Steve Venegas turned this hatred into gold. He calls it “The Gap Mannequin Project”, which is basically a photo series in which the husband of two years mimics the exact outfit on mannequins in the Gap while his wife is off shopping. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Here’s what My Modern Met has to say: “It all began on one of his wife’s shopping trips. As he was waiting for her to try on clothes in the dressing room, Venegas had a stroke of genius to dress up like the mannequins in the store. With a simple “I’m mannequin size” thought, the man decided to create a fun game out of their future shopping trips. He found a way to make the trip a win-win situation for him and his wife instead of a dreaded to-do.”


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